क्या सच में अच्छे दिन आने वाले हैं
या मेहंगाई के नए मायने रुलाने वाले हैं

क्या फिर बच्चे बेख़ौफ़ स्कूल जा पायेंगे
या फिर कहीं माँ बाप मासूमों की अर्थी उठाएंगे

क्या कुदरत से बद सलूकी कम होगी
या फिर सैलाबों से धरती नम होगी

क्या दोस्ती व् रिश्तों के लिए फुरसत होगी
या फिर belated wishes ही किस्मत होगी

क्या इंसान का इंसान पर फिर ऐतबार होगा
या फिर श्वानों पर ही वफ़ा का भार होगा

क्या बंद होगी फूट डालने की राजनीती
या फिर बढ़ेगी देश में राज्यों की गिनती

कुछ करने की है आशा सी,
पथ ढूंढ़ रहा हूँ मैं कब से!
अनिश्चित है मंजिल अब तक,
चेतना मांगू में रब से!

अवचेतन मैं चलता रहा,
भाग्य का अनुसरण कर!
निरर्थक है जीवन अब तक,
प्रज्ञ नाविक मांगू मैं रब से!

समझौते मैं करता रहा,
सुगम राह चयनित कर!
पराजय का डर था अब तक,
प्रबलता मांगू मैं रब से!

                                   -    चन्दन ईश्पुनियानी
A 'friend' is someone very close to you and knows you more than your family. Friendship is a relationship that you earn and is not just given to you. Aah ... its becoming too serious. Lets jump to the something which is worth reading :)

Do you ever wonder about terms we hear like ‘Close Friend’, ‘Best Friend’, ‘Childhood Friend’, ‘Chaddi Buddy’ etc? Earlier these terms used to seem all the same to me. But after spending some idle time in swiss alps and deep thinking I discovered their 'real' meaning.

Close Friend – The one who knows your most embarrassing secret and you don’t want him to tell it to anyone. They know your first flop date, you both caught together smoking for the first time ... some shit like that :

Best Friend – The one who knows you very well. So well, that he or she knows the perfect angle and timing to shovel up finger in your ass. Yes, they do it and you do nothing but smile and wait for your turn.

Childhood Friend – These are the ones who can be held responsible for most of your bad habits. Whatever you are not today is because of them. You owe the freaking lifestyle to them. If they wouldn’t have spoiled you – you might be working as a clerk in some dark government office.

Chaddi Buddy – Contrary to popular belief you not friends since you both wore diapers. Rather these are the grown up adults with whom you’ve taken bath together. If needed you both can share ‘Chaddi’ with each other.

Work Friend – This is special category where people become friend only because of a common enemy – their boss! Yes, you share only two things with them - grieves at work and official party budget.

Do you know any more terms? Do share them with their 'real' meaning :)

Wish you a very happy Friendship Day Net-Buddies!

P.S. Net Buddies – These are the ones you just have acquaintances with and added in your Facebook/Orkut profile to boost up your friends list count ! :)
Remember the summer vacations we used to wait for the whole academic year?

That desperation to get rid of school bag and to lie in bed till mid day used to gradually fade away as we used to hit the middle of summer vacations. The urge to get back to school used to surface just in the middle of holidays. But we still never wanted schools to reopen. Those mixed feelings were part of my summer holidays - every year. But are those times really over?

I am yet that kid and still feel the same! What has changed is that the school is replaced with office and each set of five weekdays is no less than one full academic year. The two days weekend has now become equivalent to two months of summer vacations. The anxiety of approaching weekdays and the eternal wait for coming weekend seem very similar to school and holiday cycle.

The Friday afternoon is analogous to year end exams - where targets for the week have to met to start the weekend on a care-free note. The Friday evening lights up with the same fun as the first week of holiday. The eagerness to catch the the train to Nani's home is replaced with catching Metro for nearest pub. The adrenalin pumps up for Dart game at Nelson's rather than gully cricket. The next morning hangover is not much different from the headache from the shouts of parents after bearing two weeks of our irregularities for the sake of vacations. I do not drink alcohol but I am well experienced with next-morning-hangover of my friends. The whole Saturday flies by overcoming the hangover and flashes of foolish things done during previous night(out) - again same as to get over with video games, cricket and comics after first month of vacations.

Then comes the dilemma of  equilibrium - the inertia of momentum of fun diminishes with friction of time. The middle of weekend - late night of Saturday or Early Sunday morning.The planned or sometimes spontaneous fun is over. The later half of summer holidays when we used to get bored with 198 games samurai game, the neighboring friends were no more friendly at gully cricket and the holiday homework for next class starts appearing as nightmare. All this looks very familiar to my weekend feelings - got bored watching movies downloaded last week, the friends are no longer in mood for another night out at nearby pub and the unfinished work in office is no less than nightmare of holiday homework. I want to go to school (office) to have a change but also do not want office (school) to start again!

Writing this blog in the middle of weekend :)

The name of the blog "Street Light" is inspired by the street light out my room's window.

Good Night ... oooopss Good Morning folks and have a nice clothes washing, room cleaning and vacuuming Sunday. I mean ... get ready to finish your holiday homework!

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